Up to 85% of the grapes used to produce Prosecco are of the Glera variety, blended with Verdiso, Perera, Bianchetta, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. These berries are classified as semi-aromatic because on the nose they partly recall the original fruit with aromas of Golden Delicious apples with hints of acacia blossoms and in some cases wild flowers.


This wine has truly ancient origins; over the 10 centuries in which it has been produced there has been a transformation of the habits, customs and economies of the local people, who have always safeguarded the vineyards and wine-making skills of this important territory. Once they are harvested, from mid September to mid October, the grapes are vinified, using the Charmat sparkling wine method, which involves second fermentation in tanks at controlled temperature. This system ensures excellent prise de mousse with concentrated aromas without affecting the fresh, fine bubbles and colour, which is bright pale straw. A delightful aperitif, it also goes well with fish and vegetable dishes, and even delicate pastries. Drink at a temperature of 8/10 °C.


This is the symbol of Italian sparkling wine for all occasions; refined, fresh tasting, light and vivacious. The SIVAG wine estate guarantees the top quality of world-renowned Italian sparkling wine: elegant as an aperitif and excellent throughout a meal.